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Hong Kong Prostate and Urology Center has an experience medical team, responsible for professional management, introduction of technology, providing diagnosis and effective treatment.

Dr. Tong Cheuk Fung
Dr. Tong Cheuk Fung
M.D., PhD, MBA (University of Toronto)
  • Management and investment professionals in pharmaceutical, medical and health care, with more than 30 years of experience in developing and operating in Asia and North America
  • Has led the United States Pfizer and Australia faulding Pharma and other pharmaceutical companies to establish their China business
  • Responsible for all CITI healthcare investments in Asia
  • Founder director of Shanghai Kedu Heathcare and the chairman of the current strategy committee
  • Founder Director and independent director of Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical
Medical Consultant
Dr. William W. Jow
Dr. William W. Jow
M.D. (New York University)
  • More than 30 years experience in urology consultation in the United States
  • President of Medifocus Inc., USA
  • President, Bayshore Community Hospital Urology Center, New Jersey, USA
  • Former resident physician who served in different hospitals, universities and medical schools in the United States
  • Has Published a number of medical research papers
Center Manager
Ms. Yuen Mei Yin, Pauline
Ms. Yuen Mei Yin, Pauline
Professional Qualification: Medical management and nurse training
Professional Qualification:
  • Registered nurse, midwife, health nurse in Hong Kong and United Kingdom, British health instructor
  • UK Master of Social Science and Diploma in professional management
  • Taught in and served as Director of health education and program leader of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Caritas Institute of Community Education
  • Taught in The Hong Kong Management Association 
  • Former head nurse of infectious control in Department of Health